Why This Website?

My kids and grandkids enjoy visiting the grave sites of relatives they never knew. They want to know about their ancestry.  They ask questions like: What did they look like? What kind of job did they have?  Where did they live?  Most of the time I have the answers.  But then it occurred to me that when I’m gone who is going to provide answers for future generations and since my cremated remains are going to be scattered in the Smoky Mountains my grave location will be lost with time.

So this website is dedicated to those of us who think that preserving one's ancestry and grave locations for future generations is important.

I hope you enjoy it!

Why Charge a Fee?

A way was needed to make sure this precious information is protected forever. Donations were considered, but are unreliable, ads spoil the nature of the site and free does not instill a sense of permanence. So a small one time nominal fee proved to be the right way to ensure that this wonderful personal information would endure the test of time.