Forever locations of scattered ashes

Unlike remains buried in a cemetery, scattered ashes very seldom have a known grave location. Their location gets lost with time. This website empowers you to create a forever map marker identifying the exact location of your friend or loved one's final resting place and you can choose to make the information public or private. This forever location will ensure that those wanting to spend time with the departed can do so.

Google navigation to loved one's final resting place

Those wanting to find and visit a departed one simply clicks on the map marker and instantly receives real time navigation to the final resting place.

Scattered ashes can have multiple locations

Many people request that their ashes be scattered in multiple locations. Now all locations can be found on one map.


Memorialize your loved ones

  • Grave Location
  • Career
  • Personal Information
  • Places Lived
  • Life Story
  • Accomplishments
  • Genealogy
  • As a  Person
  • Grave Images
  • Military Service
  • Media Album
  • Notes
  • Schools Attended

Private or Public

You can choose to make any or all of your loved one's information private or public. Private information can only be viewed by those people you invite.

Creating a scattered ashes location is easy

Create an account

Create a record

Publish the record