Forever Directions to Hikers' Scattered Ashes

Scattering one's ashes beside a favorite trail has become a preferred final resting place for hikers. Unlike being buried in a cemetery, markers defining a final resting place beside a favorite trail are rarely allowed. Not knowing the location of one's final resting place deprives family and friends of a place to visit and pay their respects.

This website offers a permanent place to record the exact location of one's ashes. Google navigation along with photos of the spot will lead future generations to the exact final resting place. Personal information about the hiker's life can be added so that future hikers will know who they are visiting. Any or all of the information can be public or private.

Google navigation to loved one's resting place

Google navigation provides driving and walking directions to a hiker's final resting place.

Scattered ashes can have multiple locations

For hikers requesting their ashes be scattered in multiple locations, all locations can be found on one map.

Where can you scatter ashes?

Whether they have written policies or not, all states and most communities have generous policies on where cremated remains can be scattered. Click the button below for specific policies where they exist.

Include personal information so that visitors will come to know the person


  • Grave Location
  • Career
  • Personal Information
  • Places Lived
  • Life Story
  • Accomplishments
  • Genealogy
  • Schools Attended
  • Grave Images
  • As a  Person
  • Media Album
  • Notes
  • Military Service

Information can be private or public

Any or all of your loved one's information can be private or public. Private information can only be viewed by those people you invite.