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Preserving a loved one’s memory is a healing journey

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Only you can keep a loved one’s memory alive forever, a memory that will be enjoyed by generations to come. A digital record of a loved one’s life is forever unlike paper records that get lost, misplaced, or ends up in estate sales. This website is a permanent registry containing the records of ones' lives; a place where the departed can live forever; a place where future generations can discover their ancestors; a place to find directions to final resting places including those for scattered ashes. Creating a loved one's forever page is a healing journey! Don't let your story or those of your loved ones be lost forever.

Record Loved Ones' Life Story

Don't let a loved one's life story be lost forever. They deserve better than that.

Record Directions to Final Resting Place

Visiting a friend or relative's final resting place can bring great comfort and  peace.

Record Your Personal Story and Last Wishes

Just think how excited a descendant will be when they find your autobiography.

Find a Departed One's Story

Learn about the lives of people that played a part in defining your life and about possible health issues you may inherit.

Forever With You

Their memory is always as close as your smartphone.

Find Directions to Final Resting Places

Find real-time navigation to a friend or family member's final home.

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Record a Pet's Life Story

Recording a pet's life story is the perfect way to show how important their life was to you.

They Are Forever With You

Their memory is always close.

Find a Pet's Life Story

Enjoy reading how a pet affected the life of it's human friend.

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Any or all of your data can be private or public.  Private pieces of data can be viewed only at your invitation. You can also allow specific people to edit specific data pieces.

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